Health insurance in the Netherlands for students

A collective student insurance package has been taken out as per August 1st for the students who will go together to the Netherlands for study purposes on Sunday July 31st next.


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The student insurance package has been taken out at NNAM (Noord-Nederlandse Assurantiemakelaars). Upon their arrival at Schiphol the students will receive further information about this insurance from the NNAM.

For this insurance a monthly premium has to be paid by the student, which they can cover from their student grant, or from the start-up allowance they receive from the Wet studiefinanciering BES.

Additional package

Currently it is being explored if a special additional package can be introduced on January 1st, 2012 for all students coming from Dutch Caribbean, and who are studying or starting a study in the Netherlands. This additional package should be well connected to the Healthcare Insurance Dutch Caribbean.


This year 12 students will depart under guidance from Sint Eustatius to the Netherlands and 37 students from Bonaire. On Sunday the Commissioner of Education, Ms. Cicilia, will bid the students from Bonaire farewell.