MP Jules James supports USM Needs Assessment Summit;

Says this is an Opportunity for Higher Education for Country Sint Maarten


United Peoples (UP) party Member of Parliament (MP) Jules James says he fully supports the initiative by the University of St. Martin (USM) to organize a Needs Assessment Summit for Thursday, July 28 with various stakeholders to assist with the development of a new strategic business plan.


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Stakeholders that have been invited for the summit are the business sector, Government, the labour sector among others. USM’s objective is to see how the University can foster a sustainable and synergistic partnership with the community.

"This summit is going to lead to a very good exchange of views and what additional roles USM can play in the development of our countries human resources.

"It should also help set the stage for all concerned parties to engage in meaningful dialogue focusing not only on current issues and achievements but also on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead especially under our new setting of country.

"One of the points that needs to be addressed is how far are universities changing and shaping our world? Here we look at nation-building, national needs-driven human resource development as well as the creation and advancement of new knowledge and opening up of new frontiers that can impact the socio-economic national development of our country.

"I hope all stakeholders will take part in the summit. I am looking forward to hearing about the positive outcome and reading the new strategic business plan once it has been compiled," United Peoples party MP Jules James said on Tuesday.