N.A. Leader Hold Meeting On Current Issues In Government

AUDIO INCLUDED IN THIS STORY:The National Alliance Leader Mr. William Marlin, held a press conference on July 20th, to address the numerous issues in Government and Parliament. 

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During the press conference numerous issues were addressed. Mr. Marlin made it clear that it’s not his intention to become engaged in a tit for tat with the politicians. He addressed the issues of the draft ordinance to amend the civil code in reference to short term contracts, while commenting on the issue on the statement made by the Chairlady of Parliament on Monday, where she admitted that ”we all made the mistake” and also the draft motion in connection with the GEBE fuel clause, from the meeting that was held on June 29th 2011.

He also touched on the recently published headline in a local newspaper saying that he is obssessed with Romain Laville. 


The following is a copy of a letter on the draft motion in connection with the GEBE fuel clause,from the meeting that was held on June 29th 2011:


Draft Motion

The Parliament of Sint Maarten, in its meeting of today, June 29th 2011


· That the ever increasing cost of electricity is placing a severe burden on the consumers of Sint Maarten;

· That many consumers have problems paying their monthly electricity bill;

· That the Fuel Clause is the main reason for the ever increasing bills;

· That the annual accounts of 2009 has indicated that GEBE has made a profit of over 20 million Guilders;

· That we are at the start of the slow season on Sint Maarten, which usually negatively affects the labour force;

· That these effects of the slow season will make it even more difficult for consumers to be able to pay their monthly electricity bills;

· That with a temporary reduction of the Fuel Clause, GEBE is still expected to continue to make a profit;

· That it is the desire of the Parliament of Sint Maarten to provide the consumers of Sint Maarten with some measure of relief during the slow season;

· That the possibility should be explored within the shortest possible time frame to grant, if possible, as much as 50% relief on the Fuel Clause for a period of 6 months;


· To instruct the Share Holder Representative of GEBE to request the management and Board of Supervisors of GEBE to submit within 30 days an answer on the possibility to grant consumers up to 50% reduction on the Fuel Clause for a period of 6 months.

And goes over to the order of the day.

Copies of this motion to be sent to

The Governor of St. Maarten

The Government of St. Maarten

The Parliament of St. Maarten