St. Maarten Delegation returns from Successful Seminar on Volunteering in Guadeloupe

On Wednesday July 6th, 2 members of the St. Maarten Youth Council Association’s Youth Parliament Program, travelled to Guadeloupe to attend a Seminar on Volunteering.


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The two members were Djunathia Richardson and Vannessa Scantlebery. The Seminar was hosted by CRJ, Consiel Regional des Jeunes of Guadeloupe. The seminar, Jeunes en Accion (Youth in Action) was held from Wednesday July 6th until Monday July 11th. Participating countries were: Slovenia, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, Guadeloupe, and St. Maarten. 

According to Vannessa Scantlebery, the language differences did not hinder the communication. Everyone talked about their own organizations at home and about their volunteer experiences. Basically, everyone came together to share their experiences and to learn new ways. For the English Speaking Countries, there was a certified Translator there to help. Each day, workshops were held on different types of volunteering, new ways of volunteering, and future ideas.

On Saturday July 9th there was a press conference with all the participants and the President of Guadeloupe, Mr. Victorin Lurel at the "Hotel de Region" in Basse-Terre.

The seminar was not work alone. There were intercultural evenings where participants talked about where they came from and had the opportunity to just mingle and enjoy themselves. Ms. Scantlebery and Ms. Richardson are thankful for the experience and look forward to sharing their newly acquired knowledge with their peers.

The St. Maarten Youth Council Association is thrilled with this partnership with CRJ and TERA International in France, and look forward to future youth exchanges.