Bureau Ombudsman From Curaçao On Working Visit

The Ombudsman, Dr. Nilda Arduin-Lynch, paid a courtesy visit to the General Audit Chamber during the week of July 4th to introduce her colleague, Mrs. Alba Martijn from the Bureau Ombudsman Curaçao.


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The Ombudsman of Curaçao is on a weeklong working visit to Sint Maarten. The chairman of the General Audit Chamber, Mr. Roland Tuitt, received Mrs. Arduin-Lynch and Mrs. Martijn at the offices of the Audit Chamber.

During the introductory visit to the General Audit Chamber, the Chairman, Mr. Roland Tuitt took the opportunity to present this first annual report of the General Audit Chamber to the Ombudsman, Mrs. Arduin-Lynch. Mr. Tuitt provided a short explanation of the contents of the Annual Report that was presented to the Parliament as well as the Governor on June 28 and June 29 respectively. The Annual Report of the General Audit Chamber is required by law to be presented to the Governor and Parliament prior to July 1st of each year.

Mr. Tuitt also provided his guests with a short tour of the office. The General Audit Chamber is a High Council of State that was formally established on October 10th 2010. Since its inception the Audit Chamber has been finalizing various projects related to the fitting out of the institution as well as preparing activities related to the core tasks of the institution.

The primary task of the General Audit Chamber is to audit government by examining whether public expenditures occurred within legal parameters, but also to determine whether expenditures and policy are effective and efficient. The General Audit Chamber is comprised of a three person board, including a full time chairman, Mr. R. Tuitt. The other members are Mr. Ronald Halman and Mr. Alphons Gumbs. In addition, there are two replacement members, Mr. Mark Kortenoever and Mr. Daniel Hassell.