21st Las Americas Regional Interpol Conference

The chief commissioner Peter de Witte and Inspector Rudolph Bloeiman of the police for have represented St. Maarten at the 21st Las Americas Regional Interpol Conference in Aruba.


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The regional conference is held every two years and Peter de Witte, in his previous position as chief of police force of Aruba brought this conference to Aruba. The Las Americas region includes the countries of South, North and Central American countries and the Caribbean countries which are represented. At this bi-annual conference the most pious of all those practices which threatens the regional security such as, dealing with drugs, firearms, cyber crime, terrorism, current issues, etc. are exchanged.

Prior to 10-10-10 the Interpol Agency was based on Curacao, and serviced Curacao, Bonaire and Sint Maarten. Outside of the overcrowded program, there were, with the support of Justice Minister Duncan,talks about an independent Interpol agency for St. Maarten. These talks also included a personal conversation between the police chief Peter de Witte and the Secretary General Mr. Noble and his staff.

The talks were very positive. All preparations between the Secretary General of Interpol, the office of the Minister of Justice and the KPSM will be made to make a proposal for an independent Interpol agency at the Police force of Sint Maarten at the general assembly which will be held in October / November 2011!