International Justice Day

Sunday July 17th 2011 is International Justice Day and as part of a global effort to recognize the emerging system of international criminal justice, the Ministry of Justice has decided to observe this day and host a week, dubbed "International Justice Week," of informative sessions and activities.


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Since 10-10-10 the Ministry of Justice has made great effort to strengthen the functional cooperation in justice-related matters with our counterparts on French Saint Martin, the Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba, BES islands, Anguilla and St. Barths as a part of an overall strategy to not only efficiently serve the people of Sint Maarten but become a dependable partner within the Eastern Caribbean region and Dutch Kingdom.

The general public is hereby kindly requested to tune in to each show, for information and enlightenment about the Ministry, it’s departments and plans for Country St.Maarten.

The week of events includes;

Radio Interviews:

· Sunday July 10th – On GBBC (LIVE) at 11:00am; Interview with the Honorable Minister of Justice Roland Duncan.

· Monday July 11th – On The Elektra Morning Show (LIVE) at 8:00am; Interview with Ms. La Paix and Mrs. Smits – Rombley from the Immigration and Naturalization Department.

· Monday July 11th – On The Lloyd Richardson Show (LIVE) at 12:00pm; Interview with Mr. Den Hartig from the Public Prosecutors’ Office.

· Tuesday July 12th – On The Elektra Morning Show (LIVE) at 8:00am, Interview with Ms. Concincion and Mrs. Van Samson – Filemon from the S.J.I.B.

· Tuesday July 12th – On The Lloyd Richardson Show (LIVE) at 12:00pm, Interview with Mr. Wilfred from the Prison.

TV Interviews

TV interviews will be scheduled during the week of the 10th to the 17th. Please tune into AVS news during for highlights of interviews with the Minister of Justice and representatives of the Police Force and Prison.

The general public is also kindly requested to come out and join the Ministry of Justice in Celebrating "International Justice Day".

On Sunday July 17th – At the Clem Labega Square;

International Justice Day Program

· At 10:45am -11:45am – Uniformed Troops March

· At 12:00pm – 3:00pm – Justice EXPO – recruitment and information booths will be set up by various departments within the ministry