MHF to Begin Move to New Building in Cay Hill

The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) would like to announce the commencement of its moving process to the new building in the month of July.


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MHF will be moving from its existing location at 107a oven drive L.B. Scott road Cul de sac to a new address at #1 Leopard road Cay Hill.

Subsequent to MHF’s move and set up, the new building will ensure quality mental health care for the community of Sint Maarten. It will contain offices, a Faraja Center (Day Care), crisis rooms, a re-socialization programme and a guided living facility.

The new building will also halt the incarceration of patients at the police station and will limit the transfer of patients to Capriles to only very serious cases.

During the first half of the July, MHF’s Administration and Clinic will move to the new building followed by the Faraja Center a few weeks later.

Although superior care will be provided to patients after the move, the Mental Health Foundation would like to remind the community that the work is not over yet. Family members, friends and the community at large are to be the "first" and "continuous" caregivers of the mentally ill by offering support and assistance, being informed and breaking the ties of Stigma and fear about Mental Illnesses.

The Mental Health Foundation apologizes for any inconvenience the move might cause.