St. Maarten Zoo Retrieves Stolen Monkey

The St. Maarten Zoo is thrilled to report that they have found their Common Marmoset monkey which was stolen from the Zoo last week. 

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The Zoo received an anonymous call from someone who saw the money in a tree across the street from AKI on the Illidge Road, just minutes away from the Zoo.

The person calling said her daughter recognized the monkey from the picture in the newspapers.

Apparently the thieves abandoned a motorcycle right there also.

Zoo staff investigated, saw the monkey in the tree, and set up a couple boxes with food. After checking every hour from Friday afternoon until Saturday ,we finally saw him come down from the tree and get in the box to eat and we were able to capture him.

Some local children were on the scene helping in the rescue and we appreciate their help. In fact, we actually captured the monkey in one of the boxes set up by the school children.

Thanks to all the people who called the Zoo with information, and thanks also to the media for their coverage.

We appreciate very much all the help and support from the community .

Thanks to everyone, our monkey is back home safe and sound.