Saba’s first white Sand Beach created on Cove Bay;

truckers donate their time to get the job done.

The plans to have a white sand beach on Saba, finally became a reality on Saturday afternoon when truckers pitched in to haul the sand, that had been delivered a month ago from St. Maarten, to Cove Bay.


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In the past month contractor PETCON Construction has been busy preparing Cove Bay for the arrival of the sand, the two small ponds have been replaced by a larger swimming area that will act as a breakwater that will inhibit waves from removing the sand. Some 14 Truckers on the island pitched in on Friday and Saturday, and donated their time and transported more than 100 loads of sand to the Cove Bay. Business owners and members of the community donated food and drinks for everyone involved in moving the sand.

It did not take long to for a small crowd to gather to witness the occasion and in a short time children were playing in the sand.

The idea to create a white sand beach on the Cove Bay was developed several years ago, because the island lacks a permanent natural beach that is easily accessible.

Commissioner of Public Works, Bruce Zagers, who was at the Cove Bay, said, "with the ongoing construction on the harbor, and with no alternative area for persons to swim, I decided that this was something that had to be done. The island needs a recreational swimming area especially for the children, so I am happy that we could make this dream a reality,"

The commissioner also expressed his gratitude to the persons who assisted in realizing the project the island, especially Deputy Prime Minister of St. Maarten, Theo Heyliger, Management of the Harbor Group of Companies, Big Rock Engineering, PETCON Construction, the truckers, and the community of Saba.