WIB & SZV Responds To Article In Newspaper

In response to an article that appeared in the Daily Herald last week regarding pensioners receiving their pension funds late, Management of the SZV and of the Windward Islands Bank Ltd. have come together to find ways to improve the service given to the Pensioners.  

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The intention is to have SZV pay all pension funds via WIB Online Banking Services where the monies will reach the accounts of pensioners on the same day of the transfer.

A savings account will be opened for all pensioners that don’t have a savings account at WIB for this purpose. This increases the possibilities of the pensioners to choose which ever WIB branch he or she prefers to go to for withdrawal of the funds.

Also, an ATM card will be provided to all that don’t have one as this gives pensioners another possibility where they can withdraw funds via WIB ATM’s.