NAGICO Donates to Alfredo Foundation – Recreational Swim, Snorkel and Scuba Diving School

Jr. Manager / Underwriter for NAGICO Life Mr. Howard Cheng-A-June presented the Alfredo Foundation with an underwater camera that would be used to document various training activities carried out by the school. 

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The foundation was founded by Mr. Alfredo Tapia and Ms. Tswana Burleson has been in operation since 2009, was primarily established to open doors for St. Maarten students who have interests in taking up a career in the yachting industry.

Cofounder and Swim Instructor of the Alfredo Foundation, Ms. Tswana Burleson: "The purpose of our organization is to introduce St. Maarten youths to swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving on a professional level, opening doors to future employment or business ventures in the tourism and marine industry. Basically there are five stages in the training, starting with swim and snorkel, open water diving, advance open water scuba diving, rescue diving and finally dive master. The classes are free of charge and carried out in collaboration with three local diving shops, namely Blue Bubbles, Scuba Dive Shop and Fun Scuba Diving Shop. NAGICO Insurances is the first non-marine private sector business to make a contribution and we look forward to a continuous positive relationship to jointly provide new opportunities for our youth."

Mr. Howard Cheng-A-June stated: "The NAGICO Life Insurance team dedicates time to educating our community on the importance of life insurance coverage and providing product options suited to each individual need. The Alfredo Foundation performs a similar function in educating our youth. Only difference is that it focuses on education goals that open career opportunities, so that in the future these young adults can earn an income that would allow them to make necessary purchases, including acquiring proper insurance coverage to protect themselves against various potential risks in their lives."

NAGICO Insurances will continue to support the communities which it serves in the areas of youth and education, sports and environment, culture and arts and other areas that are of valuable interest to, and develops our society as a whole.