BTA status update

The BTA Advisory Committee hereby clarifies to all BTA applicants who have already submitted all required documentation and who are awaiting a decision, that their files are currently being reviewed.


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The recent notice applies only to those persons mentioned below. It does not signal the re-opening of the office or mean that new permits are ready to be distributed. The date of issuance of permits will be clearly communicated when ready.

All persons who have paid the required fees at the Receivers’ office are now given a final opportunity to submit their files with all the necessary documentation to the office.

Files can be submitted as of Monday June 13th 2011 until Thursday June 16th 2011 daily from 7:00am to 8:00pm at the temporary BTA office in the last building behind NAPA at A.Th. Illidge road. Please be advised that this date will not be extended.

The committee hereby thanks all stakeholders for their continued patience and understanding during this lengthy process.