Ombudsman Training in Vienna, Visit to Netherlands & IOI Conference in Curacao



– Training Ombudsman in Vienna.

– Working visit to the Netherlands.

– IOI Conference in Curacao.

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Training Ombudsman in Vienna- June 5th -8th 2011:

The Ombudsman of Sint Maarten, left the island on June 3rd 2011 to attend a training in Vienna. Dr. Nilda Lynch-Arduin is one of the recipients of a SYT scholarship from the board of the International Ombudsman Institution (I.O.I.).

The "Sharpening Your teeth" (SYT) scholarship consists of training in the following areas:

a) Systemic Investigations;

b) Eight principles of Effective Investigations;

c) Planning an investigation;

d) Case studies: Using social media in the investigative world;

e) Wish lists and whistleblowers;

f) Assessing the evidence;

g) Report writing;

h) Watchdogs Bark-Traditional and Social Media.

Working visit to the Netherlands- June 9th -13th 2011:

The Ombudsman will be stopping over in the Netherlands (June 9th -13th 2011) for a working visit with the National Ombudsman of the Hague, dr. A.F. M. Brenninkmeijer and the Ombudsman of Amsterdam Mr. Ulco van de Pol to discuss among others, the possibilities of knowledge exchange, training and internship. While in the Netherlands she will also attend a consultation meeting with the Ombudsman from Groningen, Amsterdam, the Hague, Utrecht and the newly founded Child Ombudsman.

I.O.I. Conference on Curacao – June 14th -17th 2011:

The Ombudsman of Sint Maarten, dr. Lynch Arduin has been invited as one of the speakers at the I.O.I. Conference which will be held on Curacao from June 14th to 17th 2011. The theme of the conference is: ‘Confidentiality". The speakers will expound on various areas of this topic Dr. Arduin-Lynch will speak on the topic "The Ombudsman Guardian Of The Duty Of Confidentiality – Challenges and Lessons of Experience."

Upon her return a press conference will be organized at which time the Ombudsman will inform the public of her visit to Vienna, the Netherlands and Curacao and will present to the media the 2010 year report in accordance with article 22 sub 2 of the Federal Ordinance Ombudsman ("Landsverordening Ombudsman").




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