Police Report:Road Closures For Triathlon,Armed robbery suspects detained

Road Closures For Triathlon

In connection with triathlon, organized by the "Friendly Island Triathlon Association" which will be held on Sunday June 5th from 07.00 a.m. through 10.00 a.m. the police department wants to make the following known to the public. The second (the cycling) and third part (The run) of this triathlon will take part on the public roads on the Dutch Side starting on The Promenade. 

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The route of the bike race is as follows:

Starting on the Boardwalk (Taloula Mango)- Kanaal steeg – Front Street-Welvaart brug – W.G. Buncamper road – Sundial school Round-a-bout – W.J.A. Nisbeth road – Saltpickers round-a-bout – W.J.A. Nisbeth road – Prins Bernard bridge – Bush road – Church hill round-a-bout – A.J.C. Brouwers road – Welgelegen road – One Tete Locke round-a-bout – Octavius Richardson road – Link One – Little Bay road – Kerkhof Steeg- Longwall Road – Percy Labega Street – W.J.A Nisbeth road – Saltpicker round-a-bout – W.J.A. Nisbeth road – Sundail school round-a-bout – W.G. Buncamper road – Welvaart brug – Emmaplein – Backstreet – D.C. Steeg – Front street at the Sint Rose Arcade.

The final part of the race will be the run which will be four times the entire length of the Boardwalk.

NOTICE: The Police department is hereby asking the general public to pay very close attention to any changes or diversion of traffic that would be in place during this event. The police department is requesting everyone who will be making use of the public streets at this time to give their fullest cooperation to make this event a successful one.


Armed robbery suspects detained

On Friday morning at approximately 10.15 a.m. several police patrols and detectives were directed to the Cole bay area to intercept a black Hyundai Sonata with license plate P-7992 in which four armed robbery suspects were driving. The suspects were in the possession of at least one shotgun and handguns. According to reports the suspects in question had committed a robbery shortly before in the Nettle bay area on the French side. After committing this act they fled in the black Hyundai to the Dutch side. While the patrols were on their way to Cole bay to search for the vehicle and the suspects in question they received another report from the central Dispatch informing them that the vehicle was in the area of Divico in Cole Bay. The patrols moved-in on the suspect vehicle and arrested all four persons, two male and two females that were in the vehicle. The initials of these suspects are S.H., T.R., E.G.B. Sint Maarten and S.J.W. from Jamaica.

Shortly after the owner of the vehicle with initials M.G. from Sint Maarten was also arrested. During a search of one of the male suspect’s four shotgun cartridges was found in his pockets. The fire arms were not found during this search. All five suspects were taken to the Philipsburg Police Station for processing and questioning. The suspect vehicle and ammunition have also been confiscated and the investigation is ongoing by detectives.