M.B.M. robbed at her home.

On Tuesday May 31st 2011 at approximately 12.45 p.m. the Police Department received a phone call informing them, that shortly before two armed men had forced their way the home of M.B.M on Ponam road in the Sint Johns Estate.


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Immediately after receiving this information several police patrols and detectives was directed to the home in question, in the connection with the report they had received. On the scene the victim M.B.M. was located. She had suffered a minor cut to her right hand during the struggle with the robbers. She stated that she was at home doing some work and had come out of her office to go to the kitchen. While in the kitchen she was unexpectedly attacked from behind by an unknown man who had his face partially covered.
The suspect put a knife to her throat and threatened to use it if she did not cooperate. The victim resisted her attacker during which she was injured on her right hand. She then suddenly realized that there was a second armed suspect in the house. This suspect also had rope and wire with him. She was wrestled to the floor where the suspects tried to tie her up. However at that time the husband of the victim T. B. arrived home. The suspects then took off running through the cut fence and disappeared into the bushes. The husband of the victim realizing what was going checked on his wife to make sure that she was not hurt. He immediately informed the police and a searched to locate the suspects started in the area. During the search a flat screen t.v. that was taken from the home was found in the bushes.

The Special Robbery Unit and Forensic Department arrived on the scene and an investigation is ongoing. No suspects have been arrested in connection with case up to press time. The police department is asking anyone who may have any information in regard to this case to please come forward and give this information.