TelEm Group preparing for launch of Island-wide 3G network

TelEm Group’s pioneering mobile service provider, TelCell, has announced plans to launch a brand new island-wide 3G mobile service in the coming days. 

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The company which introduced Digital mobile telephony to St. Maarten customers in (year) and slashed mobile rates by removing calling party pay rates, is once again raising the ante with the introduction St. Maarten’s fastest 3G+ mobile broadband network.

The new network promises blazing fast internet services on the go along with a host of new mobile voice and data communication possibilities.

Technicians and engineers have been busy putting the necessary hardware and software in place for the new service and more than 25 new cell sites have been activated in preparation of a "Soft launch" of the new 3G network.

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Brian Mingo says it’s the biggest, most exciting thing to happen in the field of broadband mobile technology on St. Maarten in many years. He says the buzz word for 3G+ technology is "broadband" which the company provides in abundance through its sister company SMITCOMS N.V.

The voice and data services carried on our soon to be launched 3G+ networks make them massive consumers of bandwidth, therefore the contribution of SMITCOMS N.V. via its undersea cable is critical.

"Consumers all over the world have taken mobile to another level. They can now connect to 3G networks to watch movies, download music, send pictures, have live video conferences, contribute to YouTube, do social networking, remotely manage their offices – all on the go. The list is endless," said the commercial chief.

Mr. Mingo says one of the questions already being asked is why TelEm and TelCell are introducing a 3G network to St. Maarten when other telecommunication companies around the world are already talking about 4G technology.

His answer is simple. Telecommunication companies are only now starting to define what 4G technology is, and so far, unless the technology can offer 100 megabits per second in speed along with a mobile voice service, that technology will still be classified as being 3G technology.

"Customers will be very pleased with the product and for those who have been waiting patiently for the past several months we are very pleased to announce that we will be launching the service soon," said Mr. Mingo.


He said price packages are now being finalized. On that topic all he cares to say at this stage is that the packages will be affordable and available to anyone who wants it throughout the island.