Robbery suspect arrested/ Police fire warning shot,Boy dies of hanging

Robbery suspect arrested/ Police fire warning shot.

Several police and detective patrols were directed to Sucker garden road in the vicinity of "El Capitan" at approximately 03.15 p.m. on Thursday May 19th after the police Central Dispatch received several phone calls informing them of two armed men dressed completely in black clothing, standing across the road in the bushes opposite that establishment.


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A detective patrolling the immediate area spotted the suspects in the bushes and immediately requested for back-up. The detectives approached the suspects at which time the suspects took off running towards The Keys. A foot chase started in order to apprehend the suspects. During the chase a warning shot was fired by detectives forcing one suspect to stop fleeing. This suspect with the initials A.J. from Curacao was caught and arrested. The second suspect
continued fleeing and succeeded in his escape through the bushes. The surrounding area was searched for the second suspect however; he has not yet been arrested in connection with this case. The detectives are conducting an investigation.

Boy dies of hanging

Several police patrols, detectives and Forensic Investigators were directed to a home on Cherry Nut road in Reward, to investigate a case in which lifeless body of the eleven year old boy by the name of Safan Gregory Charmes was found by his parents. On the scene the investigating officers spoke to the parents of the victim who directed the officers to the victim’s bedroom. The victim was found hanging by his neck in his clothes-closet and was not showing any signs of life.
The police doctor arrived on the scene and pronounced the death of the victim. The Forensic Investigator and detectives are conducting this investigation to determine exactly what transpired prior to the death of the victim. The body has been confiscated for further investigation.