Minister Meyers speaks with President of the Collectivite Gumbs regarding 150 Euro levy

Honourable Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport & Telecommunications Franklin Meyers, says he was surprised to learn about plans by French-side authorities to levy a mandatory yearly fee of 150 Euros on every Dutch-side taxi wishing to operate on the French-side of the island. 

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Minister Meyers contacted President of the Collectivite Frans Gumbs on Thursday morning and the matter is under discussion.

"I have spoken with President Gumbs at length with respect to this matter. Mr. Gumbs has to follow-up with me after having discussions with his officials regarding the issue. 

"Once I receive more information I will inform the public in due course," Hon. Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications Franklin Meyers, said on Thursday.

The Minister added that the Council of Ministers did not receive any formal notification with respect to this measure that the Collectivite had approved to implement.