Prime Minister tells Inspirational Business Leaders lets collaborate and develop relationships

Honourable Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams told Inspirational Business Symposium leaders on Sunday during a cocktail evening that the Government of Sint Maarten is keen on developing business relationships with all potential partners and in different areas such as health, tourism and trade, starting right here in the Caribbean.

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"You do your business and if in doing so, the people of the islands and countries are better served through better service, new employments and fresh investments, then I say, ‘You have my blessing,’ the Prime Minister pointed out to the gathering.

The Prime Minister added, for Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba, and Saba, Sint Maarten and St. Eustatius, collaboration is a must, adding that because of the new constitutional statuses, the islands must guard against falling into the trap of creating constitutional barriers to potential business initiatives.

It is already more than seven months that the former Netherlands Antilles ceased to exist and in its place, five new entities were created. This momentous occasion triggered a change in the relationships between all kingdom partners.

"I remain convinced that –and I speak for Sint Maarten- our new status offers new opportunities, especially because Sint Maarten is now able to chart its own course.

"Some would view this statement with scepticism, as the new relationships have also brought with it new types of cooperation that do have a bearing on some internal matters, such as monetary and financial matters and of course justice.

"This has not only come about because of the change in our statuses, but also because as more autonomous states in the Kingdom, we have climbed a notch on the international stage as far as complying with international obligations is concerned. Still within those parameters, there is a lot of room to manoeuvre.

"And maybe just because we still have those cords and a common history that binds us, finding common and fertile ground in the area of business, is a logical initiative," the Prime Minister told attendees at a special welcome reception on Sunday.