Deadline Friday for Students to apply for Summer Jobs

The deadline for the "2011 Business Outreach and Placement Program" known as the Summer Job Program, is Friday, May 13.

All interested students are hereby requested to submit their application forms by Friday to the Department of Social Cultural Development located in the Vlaun Building, across from the Post Office. 

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The summer job program will take place from July 4th through August 12th 2011.


Private sector companies are also encouraged to sign-up as well giving the nation’s school going youth an opportunity to gain some experience during the summer holiday period.


The program consists of an application period, trainings, pre-selection for interviews and final selection for a job within the Government Administration or the Private Sector.


Students wishing to apply for a Summer Job can do so by contacting the Department of Social Cultural Development or their school office for an application form.


To apply, students must be:

·       16 years or older;

·       in the pre-exam or exam class of Secondary Education;

·       attending a College or University.


To be eligible applicants must submit besides the application form;

o   An application letter directed to the Government of St. Maarten,

o   A curriculum vitea (CV)

o   A copy of a picture I.D.

o   Proof of School/University attendance


For further information the Department can be contacted at phone 542-2056 or fax 543-1172 or e-mail address yo*************@ya***.com