InselAir adds fifth MD

This week Curaçao-based airline InselAir will receive its 5th MD-80. The aircraft has been through C-check in South Africa, therefore it can start operating directly after arriving in Curacao. 

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Before arriving in Curacao, InselAir has had the aircraft go through C-check. This is a specific checkup in which the entire aircraft is dismantled and inspected.  At this moment another InselAir aircraft is going through C-check in Colombia.

The new MD-80 having already gone through the C-check can start operating as soon as it arrives in Curacao.


At this moment the InselAir fleet exists of eight aircrafts (five x MD-80’s and three x Bandeirantes) and is awaiting the arrival of three Fokker-50 aircrafts, complimenting the InselAir fleet to 11 aircrafts.

InselAir is very grateful to have been able to expand in such short time. "We are very grateful to our passengers and the people of Curacao and the other destinations we fly" according to Edward Heerenveen, Chief General and International Affairs.


At the fifth anniversary of InselAir on August 28, 2011, InselAir will be operating 14 different destinations, with Charlotte, North Carolina being the latest, and employing over 300 employees.


In the coming years InselAir will Reach Higher by focusing on its services and on-time performance, investing more in passenger travel experience.


The new Aircraft MDE route started Monday morning in South Africa and is scheduled to arrive in Curacao on Thursday May 12th. The route will include several fuel stops, and resting stops for the onboard crew.

The route will be South Africa – Kenya – Egypt – Italy – Ireland – Iceland – Canada – USA – Curacao.