Public Announcement from the Public Prosecutors Office & the Police Department

In connection with the Carnival Season the Public Prosecutors Office and the Police Department in regard to their 0-tolerance policy are announcing the following: 

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Any person or persons committing any crime such as public violence (gang fights), any other form of ill-treatment, threat, possession of a fire-arm, assault and destruction to name a few, during any of the parades, jump-ups, concerts and other shows which are directly related to carnival festivities will be arrested and detained for further investigation. Their detention will be extended and this person or persons may remain in custody until after the carnival.

All businesses along the routes of the parades will not be allowed to sell or serve any type beverages in glass bottles (use plastic cups).

Control of vendors along the route of the parades will be carried by police. No selling of food items and drinks of any sort without a permit will be allowed. Operating without a permit is in violation with law. Their merchandise will be confiscated and a very stiff fine will be given.

Those persons in the possession of a permit must carry this permit at all time to avoid any inconvenience.

Controls by security and police at all shows, concerts etc. to be held in the Festival Center will take place. These controls will be carried out to avoid any weapons and drugs coming into the Festival Center.

All troop leaders and other persons using a vehicle during the parades which has not yet been inspected must have this done. The only date this can be done is Wednesday April 27th 2011 between 05.00 p.m. and 07.00 p.m. on the ring road opposite the Yellow Building on the Pond Fill.