USFOL Volunteers Continue To Make A Difference With FUIK Youth

US Forward Operating Location (USFOL) men and women have developed a ”Big Brother/Big Sister” mentoring program that is continuing to make a difference in the lives of many students who come to FUIK for their after school mentoring program. On 12 April 2011, 10 volunteers from the USFOL participated with FUIK students, helping them with homework and mentoring as positive role models.  

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One of the FUIK program leaders commented, "We are glad that you came today to help our children and we look forward to you coming as often as possible. We truly need more adults as mentors and role models for our children." A USFOL volunteer observed, "We need to stay in touch as there is more work needed here. We can help facilitate a quiet environment and desire to continue to learn." Also on this visit, the USFOL, courtesy of the Chaplain Team, donated eight kickballs and a box of clothing for the children. Mr. Eman and Mrs. Emma Cesar, founders of FUIK, were overwhelmed with the generosity and thanked the volunteers for their time as well as future visits to help their eager FUIK students.