Civil registry dept has successful recruitment drive in Holland to fill critical vacancies

Representatives of the Civil Registry Department has had a successful recruitment drive in Holland to fill critical vacancies within the aforementioned department. 

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The three critical positions are Section Head Front Office, Section Head Back Office and a senior member of staff.  The Civil Registry Department is one of the government departments that is part of the plans of approach agreements signed between the Dutch Government and Sint Maarten. There are an additional five vacancies that are still to be filled.

The delegation headed by Department Head Leona Marlin, left the island on April 11. The delegation also includes a representative from the Governor’s Cabinet.

A recruitment effort was made at the Dutch Association Citizen Affairs Conference which was held from April 13 to the 14.

Marlin also met with S4 Foundation Director Marva Richardson as they prepared to conduct interviews last Friday with a number of applicants.

"Recruitment of qualified staff in citizen affairs has been cumbersome, and it is for this reason that we decided to expand our search to Holland. So far it has been a success. We have several persons that have shown interest and three serious candidates.

"The next step of the process is to carry out a second interview for those who weren’t prepared to attend the interviews and this will be done in conjunction with the personnel affairs department. 

"After a final screening, a selection will be done leading to the signing of contracts and this we expect to conclude within the next few months," Head of the Civil Registry Department Leona Marlin told the Department of Communications (DCOMM).

The delegation returned on Sunday.