Company plans to donate $10 per ticket sold to Haiti funds

AirStMaarten added Haiti as a destination to its flights programme today, Friday, April 15th 2011. The management of the virtual airline has decided to add Haiti to its programme in an effort to promote awareness for the St. Maarten-Haiti route to its local and, especially its, international clientele. 

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Clients can now submit a reservation request online at the company’s website at to the Toussaint l’Ouverture International Airport (PAP) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, from various destinations, not only from St. Maarten, but also from Curacao, Miami, San Juan and Santo Domingo.

Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake of catastrophic magnitude on January 12th 2010, and the island nation is now in the process of redeveloping. Significant progress has been made in the past twelve months with the building of several manufacturing and housing projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Since January 2010, billions of dollars have been donated to fund recovery projects to overcome the severe consequences of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake and put Haiti firmly on the path of redevelopment.

AirStMaarten’s management has decided to pledge $10 US Dollars of every ticket sold to Haiti to fund the Haiti cause. "With the effects of earthquakes on the minds of people, especially after the recent disaster in Japan, it is important to highlight the fact that attention still needs to be paid to such places as Haiti which are still in the process of structural, social and economic recovery." management stated.

AirStMaarten operates as a virtual airline, meaning the company does not own any aircrafts, but simply charters third parties to operate flights on its behalf. AirStMaarten specializes in shared charters to several destinations, including St. Barths, with established operators such as Winair, Windward Express and St. Barth Commuter. For the Haiti market, the preferred operator for AirStMaarten will be the Curacao-based Inselair. AirStMaarten is also researching the possibility of offering charter flights and cargo charters to Haiti via Santo Domingo as demand increases. AirStMaarten is owned by internet entrepreneur, Terrance Rey.