R.E.C. to headline Youth Extravaganza for Carnival

The popular and multi-genre musical group Red Eye Crew will headline a line-up of young and local performers at this years Youth Extravaganza for Carnival 2011. The event will be held on Tuesday, April 26 in Carnival Village on the same night of the Miss St. Maarten Senior Carnival Queen Pageant. 

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The shows are being combined this year due to the shortened Carnival schedule but, according to the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF), will be "just as good as it has ever been." Radio personality "Dutty Sham" will be the MC for the Youth Extravaganza only and the DJ will be Mixmaster "DJ" Pauly. The Youth Exravaganza will also feature 4m Band, rappers Entry, Platinum Boyz and Tha Hot Shot, dancers Rebelz and Krump Soldiers and singers Lock Down Crew and David Brooks. The Youth Extravaganza participants will appear between the segments of the queen pageant.

Born and raised in French St. Martin the "Red Eye Crew" (R.E.C) is a group made of four young artists, 22 to 24 years of age. The group was created in 1998 by 3 brothers: Skelet, Cardo and Jahny-P, the group increased one year later when they were joined by Dizzell-Bueno in 1999.

They are so varied to define their musical influences is practically impossible. With a mixture of Dancehall, Reggae flavored by Rap, Hip Hop and R&B, and a touch of Pop /Electronic and Kompas the group is often described as multitask with the different style and variety of music they provided/offer. Thus thanks to their talent it is the sound of the islands which brings out their pieces. Characterizing their style with English, Patois, Creole and French texts "Red Eye Crew" tackles different subjects but always in positive ways with a creative concept to defend the project.

President of the SCDF Stuart Johnson urged young people to come out and support their peers as they have in thousands over the years. "One thing with the youth of St. Maarten is that they’ve always supported each other. We expect the Youth Extravaganza to be as successful as it has been in recent years, even combined with another big show, the Senior Carnival Queen pageant. We have impressive young talent lined-up and an exciting headlining group," Johnson said.