President of Parliament to seek broad-based parliamentary support for Domestic Violence

And Child Abuse Central Registration Code

Honourable President of Parliament Gracita Arrindell will be seeking broad-based support for legislation to establish a "Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Central Registration Code" (DVCACR-Code) amongst health care, education, child care, social organizations, youth care and judicial authorities.  

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The dynamics underlying domestic and family violence can be best described as an abuse of power in a relationship and after separating from a relationship. It amounts to a pattern of behaviour, which involves escalating levels of emotional abuse, intimidation, physical abuse and violent behaviour in order to gain or maintain control over the partner.

Women and children are amongst the most vulnerable sections of a community. Individuals face violence from strangers, family members and others known to them. Such abuse takes place even at homes and work places.

The violence may be in the form of psychological abuse and actual physical abuse. Victims in most cases cannot take recourse to the criminal justice system for a variety of reasons including the fear of social stigma and lack of knowledge about the institutions that could come to their rescue.

The DVCACR-Code would outline the step by step process that should be followed once a domestic or child abuse complaint has been brought to the fore.

The next step to be taken is an investigation to gather the details from both parties concerned; institutional review; registration of the abuse; intervention by government institutions; and follow-up care.

"It is a basic human right of all persons to feel safe and to not be subject to any form of abuse or violence, whether or not they live alone of in a relationship with another person.

"As members of our community, if we become aware that abuse or violence is occurring to another person, we have a moral obligation in stopping violence by taking action. Don’t ignore the violence. We all have an obligation to act for the safety of others," Hon. President of Parliament Gracita Arrindell pointed out on Sunday.