NAGICO Supports World Championship – Model Auto Race

In the coming days, the 2011 IFMAR (International Federation Model Auto Racing) 1/8 Internal Combustion World Championship Competition will take pace in Miami. A team from St. Maarten will be participating under Car Model #43- in the international ranking of 150 participants. The activities will commence on the 7th to 17 April and can be viewed live via website  

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St. Maarten’s team will consist of driver Rudolph Nicholson and pitman Gary Beauperthuy. They will be representing the Dutch flag and at the same time NAGICO Insurances, sponsor of their travel expenses. Mr. Rudolph Nicholson stated: "This is not the first time that NAGICO has stepped up to the plate in support of this sport. We are grateful for the sponsorship and we look forward to representing both the Dutch Flag and NAGICO. It is important for us to participate, perform well and ultimately increase our ranking in this international sport."

Marketing Officer Jimmy Challenger: "We must find different forms of positive activities to encourage our young population to stay on the better path of life. Model Car Racing is one such activity and hence we are pleased to provide the necessary support. In addition, international events such as these always help to enhance our tourism product abroad. Travellers will see the NAGICO name and the Dutch flag being represented by two of our own. Free promotion to entice future visitors from the US mainland or any other areas of the world where the other participants may come from."