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AUDIO INCLUDED IN THIS STORY: Pictured above is the Junior Calypso Lil Blossom who sang the song entitled ”Little Sisters Abstain and Junior Roadmarch King Ricky’shio who sang the song entitled ”Miss My Carnival”.

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All of the Junior Roadmarch & Calypso Contestants

Grabbing the titles for Miss Amity, Best Talent, Best Introduction and Best Evening Wear, contestant number four Zaysha Sinclair went on to be crowned 2011 Junior Carnival Queen. Youngest contestant in the Junior Carnival Queen pageant Dashannique Pascal was the contest’s first runner-up. She also took home the titles of Miss Popularity, Best Dance and Best Costume. Her costume themed "Flamboyant Royale" was a portrayal of St. Maarten’s national tree. Second runner-up in the contest Joliyah Abram also received the title of Miss Photogenic, while Caelann Moore was the contest’s third runner-up.

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