Robbery suspect fire shots at police

On Wednesday March 15th at approximately 08.00 p.m. several police patrols and detectives were directed by the Central Police Dispatch to a home on "Touch me not road" in Saunders to investigate an ongoing armed robbery whereby the suspect was in the possession of a handgun and had used it to threaten the victim.  

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Immediately after receiving this information the investigating officers headed to the scene. On the scene the officers learnt that the suspect had fled into the bushes behind the house he had broken into. A search started immediately to locate and arrest the suspect. During the search the officers could hear the suspect moving through the bushes from one spot to the next, however due to the darkness it was quite difficult to pin point his exact location. At some point during the search when the suspect felt that the officers were getting to close he fired two shots. No one was hit by any of these shots. The K-9 unit was then called-in to join the search. During this search a female suspect with the initials S.V.R. was found by the police dog hiding in the bushes.

She was immediately arrested for further investigation. She stated that she was not alone and that she had assisted her boyfriend in this robbery and that he also was hiding in the bushes. During a search of this suspect three caliber .22 bullets and a glove were found in her possession. The items were confiscated for further investigation. The fire department was called in to provide lighting to continue the search for the male suspect. The search continued for approximately two hours however this suspect was not located. The detectives have spoken to the victim and the investigation is ongoing. The female suspect is in custody for further investigation.