Statia Coalition Government Portfolios Ratified In Executive Council

Although the Coalition Partners had already agreed on the distribution of the portfolios, this process was officially ratified in the Executive Council meeting on Monday, March 14th 2011. 

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Below is an overview of the various Portfolios.


The Island Governor, Mr. Gerald Berkel holds the portfolios:

Census, Civil Registry and elections

Monuments Care

Disaster Management/Public order & Safety, VKE

Information & Protocol

Personnel Affairs

Compulsory Education

Good Governance

Commissioner Glenville W. Schmidt holds the portfolios:


Information and Automation

Island Taxes

Energy and Water Distribution

Traffic and Communication

Public Works/Planning and Preparation

Spatial Planning

Public Housing

Building and Housing Control

Environment and Nature Management

Government buildings

Garbage collection & Cleaners

General Affairs/Planning Bureau

Legal Affairs

Constitutional Affairs



Commissioner Clyde van Putten Holds the portfolios:

Social Affairs

Women/Gender Affairs


Culture and Sports

Labour and Seniour Citizen Care

Public Health

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries

Harbour and Pilotage

Economic Affairs

Registry of Public Properties