29 teachers start certificate course in secondary education

Twenty-nine (29) teachers drawn from different schools on the island began a 15-month Teachers Certificate Course in secondary education on March 1, 2011. The course is designed to provide training for those who have a bachelor’s degree in a particular subject area and wish to enter the teaching profession. It is also one of the main goals of this course to provide individuals who have a bachelor’s degree, and are already teaching but have not done any official type of teacher’s training, with the theoretical and practical skills that are essential to the teaching profession. 

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The course is provided by Stichting Nederlandse Antiliaanse Academie (NA-AC) in Curacao, managed by the Division for Educational Research Planning and Innovations (DERPI) and financed by USONA (Dutch development funds). Over Naf 90.000 has been invested in the organization of this course.

Four modules will be provided by a total of six (6) instructors and the group will be (re)introduced to concepts in the pedagogy, psychology, sociology and educational methodology disciplines.

Participants were chosen following two intake rounds, where school boards had the opportunity to indicate the candidates that met the criteria for this course who are currently teaching at their respective schools.

DERPI, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, aims to provide as many eligible candidates as possible with these necessary skills in an effort to further strengthen and support the PSVE schools on the island.

DERPI would like to thank the USONA for their financial assistance, NA-AC, the respective school boards for their cooperation, management of all the PSVE schools and the teachers and individuals who have made this commitment to improve their skills and enhance the capacity of their respective schools.