SMMTA donates new projector to EPIC

The Sint Maarten Marine Trades Association (SMMTA) recently donated a new projector to Environmental Protection In the Caribbean (EPIC) for use in the Foundation’s Environmental Education and Outreach programs. 

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Lorraine Talmi of the SMMTA states that the association supports EPIC’s efforts to provide environmental education to the general public and school children in particular; "We strongly support teaching our young people how to better care for and protect our environment. Beautiful pristine beaches and hillsides with clean water ways are what made our island home the gem that it is, every effort must be made to maintain it".

EPIC’s project manager Rueben J. Thompson thanks the SMMTA for their donation: "EPIC is very appreciative of this generous donation, the Foundation believes that environmental education is of importance in achieving conservation and sustainable development goals on St. Maarten. The projector has already been put to good use this past week by EPIC’s Intern Linden Rayton and will be used for future presentations. Building partnerships with local marine and tourism organizations is an important component of improving environmental management practices and raising awareness. The Foundation once again thanks the SMMTA and looks forward to continuing a productive partnership".

St. Maarten Marine Trades Association

Environmental Protection In the Caribbean