NAGICO Commits to HIV Awareness for the Month of March 2011

AUDIO AVAILABLE: NAGICO Insurances has committed itself to planning numerous activities throughout the month of March, as they are assigned to promote more info on HIV Awareness. The theme is ”Live [RED], Show Love!

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FEB 28-11 NAGICO GOES RED by PearlStudio

NAGICO Insurances’ Management Team was presented with the official Red Ribbon to symbolize the start of the company’s Red Business – Aids Awareness Campaign, which starts on March 1st and ends at the end of the same month. This year’s theme is Live Red, Show Love, with an emphasis on ending discrimination against people with HIV.

Marketing Representative for NAGICO Insurances, Jimmy Challenger stated: "Our internal Aids Committee, currently under the leadership of Human Resources Officer, Ms. Esmeralda Maria, in collaboration with the Marketing Department, will be organizing a number of activities to continue to keep our employees up to date on Aids related matters. We will also make use of external media communications to help the HIV / Aids Program Management Team Coordinator, Ms. Suzette Moses and the Health Department for that matter, to maintain the level of awareness that was created over the past years. In our view, it is a project that was well received by the community and which will continue to be used as a benchmark here and abroad – a perfect example of how a well coordinated and managed initiative can have long lasting positive impacts to any community."

NAGICO’s CEO Mr. Imran McSood Amjad and Executive Director in charge of Operations and Finance, Mr. Glenville Blake, were on hand to receive the Red Ribbon from Ms. Suzette Moses. When asked about NAGICO’s commitment to the project, the CEO stated: "NAGICO always supports community projects that enhance our way of life. Cricket, Basketball or Baseball, NAGICO is there! Supporting a project like this one is no different, in the sense that, it too has its positive purpose, namely to create awareness of an illness that affects every part of the world. I know that Ms. Suzette Moses has worked very hard over the years and we at NAGICO are more than willing to continue our support in this final stretch of the campaign, which is now in its fourth and final year – and beyond, if called upon in the same exemplary manner."

NAGICO’s support in the community covers many areas including youth and educational development, sports, environment, culture and arts. It has maintained its commitment to the development of all the communities which it serves throughout the Caribbean region.