Centre for addiction and mental care to open soon on St. Eustatius


Rosemary Lane – For the first time in the history of St. Eustatius a centre for addictions and mental care will open. The centre which will bear the name, St. Eustatius Centre for Addiction and Mental Care, opens in the former Pink Building on Rosemary lane on Friday, February 25th. A formal opening ceremony is scheduled that day at 11.00 in the morning and is open to the public.

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The functioning of this Centre falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Health. The person spearheading the project is Mr. Kenneth Cuvalay of St. Eustatius. Mr. Cuvalay has worked in the Netherlands for over 20 plus years treating individuals with addictions and mental related problems. Approximately one year ago he was given the assignment to establish this Centre as it was recognized this is an area which requires attention.

The location adjacent to the Christine and William Flanders Community Centre on Rosemary lane is property of the St. Eustatius Social Welfare Improvement Organization and functioned in the past as a trade school for young men and most recently as a training centre. The building has undergone the necessary basic repairs in preparation for the opening on Friday. Currently, Mr. Cuvalay has several clients in his care who played an active role in helping to repair to building and clean up of the immediate surroundings. Plans are under way for a more extensive renovation later on.

Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Public Health, Arie Kleinmeulman and Quartermaster for Public Health, Marga Drewes, will be in attendance. Island Governor, Gerald Berkel and Commissioner of Public Health, Julian Woodley are also expected to address the gathering this Friday.