Sharlon Bulo Happy about the affairs of the St. Martin Pony League

In connection with their upcoming trip to the Pony Caribbean Zone Youth Baseball Tournament in Puerto Rico and Pineuilh, France the St. Martin Pony League held a practice session yesterday between the teams of St. James Yankees, Dutch Quarter Dodgers and the I Can Braves whereby the Dodgers defeated the team from St.James 10 – 9 while the I CAN Braves of Debby defeated the Dodgers 8-3. Mr. Sharlon Bulo attended these games as in order to have an on site view of the affairs of the St. Martin Pony League. After the game Mr. Bulo informed the President of the League that he is very happy with the Pony League and will like to affiliate as trainer for the under 12 boys and girls. The board of the St. Martin Pony League will be meeting this week and will inform Mr. Bulo of the results of such meeting.  

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