Chief Commissioner of Police’s response to report of alleged police brutality by Mr. C. Marlin

In response to the recent allegations made to the local media with regard to the ill treatment of the man by the name of Mr. Cimmaron Marlin by police the following.

We have taken very serious note of the allegations made and intend to do all that is necessary to bring forward all the facts in this case. We have invited Mr. Marlin to the come to the police department where he will be able to bring the facts to the incident on that date.  

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The Police Department has always dealt with these type of incidents very seriously, with the intention, to bring the facts to clarity. We would also like to thank the local media and Mr. Leopold James for bringing this case to our attention and allowing the community to voice their concern with regard to the service we provide. This helps us to better our quality of service.

The Police department believes in transparency and an investigation based on the facts brought forward by Mr. Marlin will be done of which the results will be made known to the general public, and if necessary sent on to the Public Prosecutors Office for review.

In the coming weeks we will be issuing a press release with results of a number of internal investigations that were done.

Chief Commissioner of Police Witte.