Delegation of the High Councils of State’s working visit to Aruba

ORANJESTAD – Continuing with the fact finding mission to the island of Aruba, representatives of the High Councils of State and Advisory Councils of Country Sint Maarten met on Wednesday with members of the Aruban Government.  

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The Minister of Justice, mr. drs. Arthur L. Dowers received the delegation on Wednesday morning at his offices. Minister Dowers received an update from the delegation regarding the work since 10-10-10 to establish and build the institutions commonly referred to as the High Councils of State in Country Sint Maarten. He exchanged ideas with the delegation in terms of the experience of Aruba in regard to the relationship with the institutions and the importance these Councils play in the community. The minister expressed the hope that Aruban counterparts would be able to forge cooperative relationships with the Sint Maarten High Councils of State and Advisory bodies.

Prime Minister Mike Eman welcomed the delegation during the early afternoon of Wednesday. The session with the Prime Minister proved very informative with the PM Eman providing an extensive outline on a topic included on the program of the delegation, i.e. the Social Dialogue. This initiative proved very successful for the Aruban government in dealing with long standing social and financial issues related to the Aruban community. The delegation will receive details on the program during technical sessions on Thursday. Prime Minister Eman also shared his thoughts regarding the value of the High Councils of State for the Caribbean Countries of the Kingdom. Both the delegation and Prime Minister agreed that cooperation among the islands can lead to improved service to the respective communities and can enhance the quality of governance in these Countries.

Members of the Sint Maarten delegation are Mr. Roland Tuitt, Chairman of the General Audit Chamber of Sint Maarten, Mrs. Mavis Brooks-Salomon, Vice President of the Council of Advice, Mr. Dennis Richardson, member of the Council of Advice, and Mr. Clarence Richardson, representing the Social Economic Council, Mrs. Joane Dovale-Meit, Secretary General of the General Audit Chamber, Mr. Arjen Alberts of the Department of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations, and the project leader for the project "Establishment Higher Councils of State", Mr. Pyt Lucas.

The working visit to the Leeward Islands is financed in part by USONA as part of the project "Establishment of the Higher Councils of State" and managed by the Department of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations. The fact finding mission will end on Saturday February 19 with the return of the delegation to Sint Maarten.