Police Reports: Robberies

Lady robbed at gunpoint in her home

On Friday February 11th the lady with the initials C.L.P. filed an official report with the Detective department stating the she was robbed at her home on Pumpkin road by unknown man, dressed in dark clothing, his face covered with a black ski mask and armed with a handgun. She further stated that it was around 09.50 a.m. while upstairs with her daughter she heard noises coming from down stairs. She walked to the stairway to looked downstairs at which time she saw the robber standing in the house. The robber noticing her in the house ran upstairs and threatened to use his weapon. The robber the proceeded to steal several pieces of jewelry, a laptop computer, credit and debit cards and other personal items from the home. After committing his act the robber fled the scene. The Special Robbery Unit and Forensic dept. are investigating this case.  

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Elderly female and caretaker robbed at gunpoint at home

On Friday February 11th the victims of an armed robbery at a home on the Marigot hill drive with initials P.E.R. and S.N.N. filed an official complaint with Special Robbery Unit. The caretaker S.N.N. stated that it was approximately 01.30 p.m. while she was in the kitchen cooking when the robber who was dressed in dark clothing, his face covered with a black ski mask and carrying a handgun gained access into the home via the kitchen door. The caretaker was forced by the robber into the bedroom where the other victim P.E.R. was asleep at the time. The caretaker let out a scream awakening the P.E.R. The victims resisted against the robber by striking him several times with a cane, however the robber succeeded in stealing a gold chain with a gold pendant. The Special Robbery Unit and Forensic Depart. are investigating.

Suspected car thief arrested while asleep in car.

On Saturday February 12th at approximately 01.00 p.m. while on patrol on Pumpkin road, a patrol of the 0-tolerance team encountered a gold colored Mitsubishi Mirage without license plate parked on the side of the road. The patrol also noticed that a repeat offender, with the initials M.L.was asleep in the car. He was awaken by the patrol and questioned with regard to the car. The patrol also noticed that the wires leading to the switch were cut and suspected immediately that the car was stolen. The suspect could not give an acceptable account of who the car belong to or where he got it from. He was arrested on the spot and taken to police headquarters and handed over to the Detective Department. The car in question was confiscated for further investigation. The investigation later showed that the car in question had been stolen from the Hope Estate since September 2010. The investigation is ongoing in this case and the suspect remains in custody for questioning.

Results of several cases being investigated

The Detective department has reported that since January of 2011 15 armed robbery cases which took place on different locations on the island and which were given priority to be investigated by the Special Robbery Unit, has lead to the arrest of 6 suspects. As a result of these arrests 40 % of the total amount of armed robberies committed during the beginning of January to this date has been solved.

Also the newly established Home Invasion Team has been very successful investigating numerous break-ins in areas such as Sucker garden, Simpson Bay, Low Lands and Sint Peters. From December 2010 to this date a total of 10 suspects have been arrested in these break-ins. A total of 16 break-ins were solved, however the amount of break-ins committed by this group is probably much higher. However a 30% increase in cases solved is the result of the investigations done in comparison with December of 2010.

Jewelry and electrical appliances that were confiscated were given back to their rightful owners.

The investigations done by the Special Robbery Unit en Home Invasion Team will continue and many more arrests are expected within short.