Police Reports: Stabbing at a local nightclub & Shooting incident

Stabbing at a local nightclub

On Wednesday February 2nd at approximately 04.30 a.m detectives were directed to the Sint Maarten Medical Center to investigate a stabbing incident. At the medical center detectives encountered the victim with initials S.D. who at the time was being treated by the medical staff for several stab wounds to her arms and upper body. The victim was at the time not in the condition to give any statements to the detectives because of the severity of the injuries she has sustained. 

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Detectives spoke to a witness in this case and who is the fiancee of the victim. The witness stated that the incident took place at the Alley Night Club. He further stated that he was speaking to a female acquaintance of his from Jamaica. The victim who did not approve of that situation became jealous and angry and slapped the other female in her face. A fight between the victim and this female . Three of this female friends joined in the fight. During this physical confrontation the victim was stabbed several times in her arms and upper body. However the witness could not positively say who did the stabbing but, that these women are all from Jamaica. After being stabbed the victim was taken to medical center for treatment and was admitted for observation and further treatment. The detectives are investigating this case.

Shooting incident

The man with initials D.P.E. on Thursday February 3rd, filed a complaint with the Detective department stating that on that same morning at approximately 04.30 a.m. while driving on the A. Th Illidge road on his way from Cole bay to Dutch Quarter he saw two vehicles stopped on the side of the road facing each other in the vicinity of the G.E.B.E. building on the Illidge road. At first instance the victim thought it was an acquaintance of his that had engine problems. However getting closer to these two vehicles he noticed that none of these cars belonged to his acquaintance and continued driving. According to the victim while looking back in rear view mirror he saw a man standing in the street aiming at him with a fire arm. Suddenly he heard two gunshots go off. He immediately increased his speed and continued via the Arch road in direction of Philipsburg to get to the police station. While speeding towards Philipsburg the victim noticed that he was being followed by another car. On his way to the police station, the victim met up with a few friends in the vicinity of the SVB building on the Nisbeth road. Directly after stopping his vehicle the victim heard load noise and shortly after that he saw a car drive by at a slow speed. The victim suspected that car to be the one which was following him. The victim was not injured as a result of the shooting. That same morning the detective department and Forensic department started their investigation which took them back to the crime scene. In the vicinity of the G.E.B.E. building on the Illidge road 17 bullet casings all 9 m.m. caliber were located and confiscated for further investigation. No one has been arrested as a suspect in this case as yet. The investigation is ongoing and the detectives hopewithin short to be able to determine who the suspect or suspects are in this case.