Fatum Insurance boasts SuperHost Ambassadors

The employees of Fatum Insurances were awarded with the internationally renowned St. Maarten SuperHost Professional Training certificate for successfully completing program. The employees participated in an active training program which was divided in two phases. Phase 1 covered 10 hours of Team & Leadership Building and Employee Motivation, phase 2 covered 10 hours of developing Professional Customer Service Skills. 

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St. Maarten SuperHost project manager and facilitator, Mrs. Valda Woodley-Hazel applauded Fatum’s Branch manager, Mr. Olivier van den Gevel, for taking the initiative by investing in the enhancement of his employees and services. Participants testified that the training encouraged them to work on creating a healthy work environment and improving their Customer Service performance.

Companies and individuals interested in participating in St. Maarten SuperHost Professional Training Program are free to contact us at Tel: 587-0477 or e-mail to vwoodley@sxmsuperhost.com or marketing@eyemc.net