Man shot in his leg

On Thursday January 20th at approximately 02.45 P.M. the central police dispatch received several phone calls informing them of a shooting taken place at a house on Well road opposite ACE Mega Center whereby at least one person had been shot. Immediately several police patrols were directed to the scene to investigate the case. On the scene the investigating officers spoke to the victim with initials F.B. who stated that while standing in front of his home, two men who were driving in a car stopped and demanded that he go with them. According to the victim he has seen these men before.  

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The victim further stated that he refused to go with and turned away to into his home. At that moment heard at least two shots go off. At the same time he felt a sharp pain to his right leg. The suspects at the same time fled the scene. The victim then noticed that he was shot in his leg, however the wound was not serious. The Well road was immediately closed off the protect the crime scene. The victim was treated on the spot by paramedics and then transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. The Detective and Forensic Department have started their investigation to determine exactly what happened, why and who these persons were that are responsible for this shooting.