3 persons arrested in abduction cases

The Detective Department since December 2010 has formed a special team to investigate two separate cases of abduction. The first case took place between the 16th and 17th December 2010 whereby the victim with the initials N.O.M.A was abducted by four men from the Billy Folly area. During abduction the victim’s home was broken into by the suspects and many items taken by the suspects.  

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The suspects had also taken the victim to an undisclosed location where for some time he was tortured. The following day while the victim was being transported by the suspects to another location, he got the opportunity to escape and ran into a popular establishment on the A. J. C. Brouwers road in Cul de Sac.

The second abduction case took place on January 3rd 2011 whereby the victim in this case with initials R.L.M. again was abducted from the Billy Folly area. The victim was handcuffed by the suspects and pushed into the car they were driving. The white jeep belonging to the victim was also taken. While transporting the victim he saw the opportunity to escape and jumped out of the vehicle. He then took-off running. The suspects fired several shots at the victim however he was not struck by any of the shots. The police and detectives were immediately informed of the ongoing situation and started to search for the suspects. The vehicle of the victim was later found abandoned and confiscated for further investigation.

The investigation done by the special detective team so far has lead to the arrest of three suspects. The initials of these suspects are R.E.G., I.E.J. and N.E.B. and they are all from Sint Maarten. The investigation also indicates that these suspects may possibly the same group involved in both cases. The suspects remain in custody as the investigation continues.