Police Chief meets with Airport Immigration officers

On Wednesday January 12th at 11.00 a.m. a meeting was held between the head of Immigration Chief Inspector G. Juliet, the Airport Immigration personnel and the Chief Commisioner of Police Mr. Peter de Witte and Commissioner Carl John. This meeting was held in connection the recent statement made to media by the owner of Arrindell Aviation Mr. Frank Arrindell concerning the terrible service that is been given at the PJIA. 

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During the meeting an open discussion took place whereby the Immigration Officers were allowed to bring forward their day to day eperiences they are confronted with. Chief Commissioner de Witte and Commissioner Carl John expressed their concerns about this delicate situation and informed the workers that new policies and guidelines in regard to the daily operation and also the cooperation with the airlines and private flight handlers will be put in place and implemeted. A meeting with airport management, airline representatives and private flight handlers will be scheduled to discuss all matters.