Wage limit for 2011 is Fls. 4.938,70 and old age pension Fls. 829,–

Every year the pension and wage limit for Sickness and Accident Insurance (ZV/OV) are adjusted in accordance to the development of the cost of living (price index). The adjustment is based on the increase of price index of August of the preceding year.

The Executive Body Social and Health Insurance in accordance to the law sent a proposal to the government regarding the increase of the wage limits, old age pension and widows and orphans pension. In accordance to the calculations of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) cost of living for St. Maarten increased by 3.6 %. In comparison the price index for Curaçao increased by 2.3%. 

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Old Age -, Widows- and Orphans pension

The old age pension for 2011 is fls. 829,– per month. The amounts for widows and orphans pension have also been increased.

For the first quarter of 2011 the amounts paid out to pension recipients will be based on the same amount being paid out by SVB Curaçao e.g. old age pension fls. 818,– which is fls. 11,– less than the St. Maarten pension. The reason for this is that the process to split the St. Maarten pension database from the one of Curaçao has not been finalized. The application used to process pensions PRIS (Pension Registration and Information System) does not have the capability to administrate two different pension amounts. Once the split is finalized, which is planned in the first quarter of 2011, the difference, will be paid retroactively to the pension recipients.

Social Premiums

All the social premiums have remained the same as the previous year.

The income ceiling over which AOV premium has to be paid has also been increased to fls. 83.228,– annually. If you have an income that exceeds the limit you have to pay premium up to this limit. The annual wage limit for Sickness and Accident Insurance is fls. 59.264,40.

The gross wages of employees already in service of the employer is determined on the reference date which is November 1st of every calendar year. If the wage is less or equal to the wage limit of the next year the employee will remain insured for the whole year for Sickness Insurance notwithstanding any wage changes during the year.

The wage limit does not have any influence on the Accident Insurance taken the fact that all employees are insured but the employer pays the premium up to the wage limit.


Below you will find the two tables with all amounts and premiums for 2011.


The Director of the Executive body Social and Health Insurance St. Maarten would like to inform the general public of the new pension amounts. These new amounts will be effective as of January 1, 2011.


Old age pension (AOV).

Pension amount (max) fls. 829,–

Allowance for spouse (max) fls. 568,–

General Widows, Widowers Pension (AWW).

— to 39 years fls. 383,–

40 to 48 years fls. 502,–

49 to 57 years fls. 629,–

58 to 59 years fls. 829,–


Orphan’s pension..

Half Orphan Full Orphan.

0 to 9 years fls. 278,– fls. 303,–

10 to 14 years fls. 303,– fls. 332,–

15 to 24 years fls. 332,– fls. 382,–


The Director,

D. L. Richardson MBA



The Director of the Executive body Social and Health Insurance St. Maarten would like to inform the general public of the premium percentages and new maximum wage limits. These new amounts and rates will be effective as of January 1, 2011.

Premium percentages. Premiums(in percentages of income).

AOV 13% Employer’s contribution 7.00%

Employee’s contribution 6,00%

AWW 1% Employer’s contribution 0,50%

Employee’s contribution 0,50%

OV 0,5 – 5% The premium depends on the risk

class your company is categorized in,

and must be paid by the employer.

ZV 12,5% Employer’s contribution 8,3%

Employee’s contribution 2,1%

Government’s Contribution 2,1%

Premium- income/wage AOV/AWW limit per year fls. 83.228,–

Maximum Wages ZV and OV:

Per day (6-day workweek) fls. 189,95

Per day (5 day workweek) fls. 227,94

Per week fls. 1.139,70

Per month fls. 4.938,70

Per year fls. 59.264,40


Cessantia payment: fls. 40,00 per employee per year

fls. 40,00 per employee per year


The Director,

D. L. Richardson MBA