Armed robbery investigations

The Police Special Robbery/ Unit over the weekend has been quite busy investigating several armed robberies and at least one attempted armed robbery.

The man with initials S.H.P. filed an official report with detectives stating that on Friday evening at approximately 09.00 p.m. while walking on the Board walk he was suddenly attacked from behind by two unknown men and forced to the ground. A third man came and stole his wallet containing some cash, credit-cards, identification card and a Black Berry Bold II phone. 

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The man with initials D.A.Q. filed an official report with detectives stating that on Friday evening at approximately 10.15 p.m. while on his way home from work and walking on the Simpson Bay road he was almost ran over by a white car. The car stopped at which time two young men jumped out. A fight immediately broke out between him and these two men when they demanded money from him. Two other suspects stepped out of the car got into the fight. The victim continued struggling at which time the suspects tried to push into the trunk of the car, however that did not succeed. The suspects then fled the scene in their car and not being to steal anything from the victim.

The man with the initials L.M.M. stated that on Friday December 10th at approximately 10.30 p.m. while standing and talking to a friend outside of Carolina Bar on the Soualiga road, he was approached form behind by two unknown men at which time one of the men pulled his gold chain from his neck. The suspects then took-off running through street next to the tennis court.

The man with initials O.T. that on Sunday December 12th at approximately 01.30 a.m. while driving through Mullet Bay in his car, he was suddenly blocked in his path by another car. Four men jumped out of the suspect car and attacked him. He was pulled from his car, thrown to the ground and severely beaten by these men. They robbed him of his Cellular telephone, his vehicle and U.S. $ 400,- in cash. The vehicle was later found abandoned.