Donner wants action on Curacao and St. Maarten Chamber

The House in The Hague is asking Minister Piet Hein Donner and Kingdom Relations to intervene in the management of Curacao and Sint Maarten. The parliament is concerned about the integrity of the directors and their management of finances.


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Thursday, December 2 the House introduced a debate on the budget of Kingdom Relations for next year. The results of screening for the ministers of Curaçao are still unknown. According to the CDA, it’s worrisome, but the ruling party thinks it is still too early to intervene from the Netherlands.
Wrong government
Ronald van Raak Donner of the SP, thinks that the leadership of the screening should take over and that he possibly with the Dutch security services can enable it. According to Van Raak is unlikely that the ministers are untouched by the investigation. "We can not accept that Curacao starts with a bad government. Netherlands is responsible for good governance in the islands."
Banana Republic
Even Green MP Ineke van Gent insists on action by Donner, because they have big concerns about governance, nepotism and the ‘anarchist’ tendency of some in Curaçao. PVV MP Hero Brinkman had a background investigation on "certain Antilleans", which is important to help ensure that ministers in power have connections to drug trafficking or corrupt. "Curacao has now truly become a banana republic”he said.

The Netherlands Antilles is now working on the screening of the team of Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte. In the media, rumors of Ministers are unclear about tax money transactions. In late October Schotte put the head of security as non-active. Labour MP Martin Dam spoke of politicians and senior officials billowing role go about. He wondered whether the Government of Curacao can solve this problem.
Balanced budget
The Chamber is also concerned about the financial problems in St. Maarten, eversince October 10 became an independent country within the kingdom. Green wants to know whether the financial monitoring of the Netherlands is adequate enough. The SP knows that St. Maarten should have a balanced budget.