President of Parliament Arrindell Gets Update from Ombudsman

President of Parliament Drs. Gracita Arrindell on Thursday got an update from the Ombudsman Dr. Nilda Arduin with respect to the establishment of the Office of the Ombudsman.

Arrindell said that according to the National Ordinance Ombudsman, Government has the responsibility of making sure that the Ombudsman has an office and resources in order to carry out its responsibilities given according to the Constitution. 

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"We had a good meeting. Dr. Arduin has to present her formation plan and after consultation with her on the aforementioned, parliament will move forward in handling the document.

"Such an institution is essential in a good functioning democracy. I am looking forward to seeing the office up and running in order for the public to have access to such a critical and important institution," President of Parliament Gracita Arrindell said on Friday.

The Ombudsman according to the Constitution shall undertake investigations, if requested to do so or on his own initiative, into the conduct of administrative bodies of the Country and of other administrative bodies designated by national ordinance.

The Ombudsman is appointed by Parliament for a period of seven years and shall be eligible for reappointment on one occasion.