Minister Meyers Meets with Curacao Meteorological Services about protocol and cooperation agreement

Minister of Economic & Tourism Affairs, Transportation & Telecommunications Franklin Meyers, met with representatives of Curacao’s Meteorological Services to discuss a draft one-year proposal for the rendering of services to the Sint Maarten Meteorological Services.

The Minister also discussed the seat that the former Netherlands Antilles had on the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and how Sint Maarten will be represented in the WMO in the not too distant future.


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"Another issue we discussed is the costs related to aviation meteorology and what costs that would entail for the Princess Juliana International Airport.

"We are interested in a one-year protocol and cooperation agreement in order to ensure continued meteorological services, and I am hoping that the aforementioned can be signed by the middle of December.

"As a Government, we are taking these responsibilities very serious because we know what is at stake. I am looking forward to signing off on these agreements and putting our own infrastructure and resources in place within the short to mid-term," Minister of Transportation Franklin Meyers said on Sunday.

At the end of his working visit to Curacao last Thursday, Minister Meyers met with his Curacao colleague Minister C.F. Cooper.

Meyers briefed Cooper about his discussions and Cooper indicated his willingness for his departments to assist Sint Maarten in the continued spirit of cooperation and brotherly assistance as opposed to exploitation or seeking to gain from the relationship.